What Makes Savannah the Interior Design Capital of the South?

Cathedral of St Johns the Baptist in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia,USA

Savannah, Georgia is a city full of life and history. The warm atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and amazing architecture make it an ideal place to live, work and play. But did you know that Savannah is also one of the premier destinations for interior design? From its unique Southern charm to its diverse selection of local businesses, there are so many reasons why interior designers flock to Savannah. Let’s take a look at why this charming city earns top marks in the world of interior design.

Typical architecture of downtown Savannah, GA with palm trees.

The Variety of Decorating Styles

Savannah has no shortage of decorating styles available for those looking to spruce up their homes. From classic plantation-style homes to modern minimalistic apartments, there is something for everyone in Savannah. The variety means that there's always something new and exciting to explore in terms of interior design. This makes it easy for designers to find inspiration and create unique looks that match their clients’ tastes perfectly.


Cathedral of St Johns the Baptist in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia,USA

Rich History

Savannah's long history means that it has been home to some incredible artisans who have left behind a wealth of knowledge about interior design. From iconic furniture makers like Alex Siegel to renowned architects like William Jay, these talented individuals have helped shape the city's character over time. By visiting museums or taking classes on traditional craftsmanship, designers can draw inspiration from the past while creating modern looks with a timeless feel.

Savannah, Georgia downtown at dusk.

Local Businesses

In addition to its rich history, Savannah is also home to some great local businesses specializing in furniture, fabrics, art and more. Shopping locally helps support small businesses while ensuring that your home has unique pieces that can't be found anywhere else. Local stores also give designers access to custom-made products made by skilled artisans instead of mass-produced items found in big-box stores. This attention to detail ensures that any project will turn out just right!

Savannah is truly an incredible city for anyone interested in learning more about interior design or trying out new techniques and styles in their own homes. With its diverse range of decorating styles, rich history and abundance of local businesses offering unique products, Savannah offers something special for everyone looking to add a touch of Southern charm into their living space! Whether you're an experienced designer or someone just getting started with interior design projects, you'll find plenty from which you can draw inspiration here in this amazing city!

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