Installation Guide

How perfect is your Arcus mirror going to look in your house? Absolutely great, even if you’ve never hung anything on the wall before.

Find a friend or family member, a few everyday tools, and these four simple steps.

Step one

You will need: A pencil, tape measure, level, screwdriver, drill, ¼-inch drill bit, and a friend to help. Figure out where you want to put your mirror, and ask a friend to hold it up. (A little to the right. Left. Perfect.) Then draw a short line on the wall to mark the top edge and set the mirror aside on a soft surface.

Step two

Now measure a little bit down from the line you drew (check your mirror’s guide for the exact inches), and mark a second line on the wall. Line up the top edge of the mounting bracket here, keeping the bracket’s screw holes at the bottom. Use a level to adjust the bracket so it’s even left to right, and mark the screw holes on the wall. Then set the bracket aside.

Step three

Using the drill, make pilot holes where you indicated the screw holes on the wall. Then push the anchors into the holes until they sit flush with the wall. Hold the bracket in place, insert the screws, and fasten them down so the bracket is nice and tight against the wall.

Step four

Ready for the fun part? Holding the mirror carefully, slip the mounting plate on the back over the secured wall bracket. Slide it back and forth a little to fine-tune its position. All done? Great work! Give yourself a smile because you—and your new mirror—look amazing.

Tips to clean your new mirror

The best and safest way to clean your mirror is by using warm water and a soft, lint free cloth. Wring water from the cloth before wiping the mirror to avoid excess moisture. Oil-free #0000 steel wool is a great way to remove stubborn marks on glass (this is a favorite tool in our workshop). If a cleaning agent is required, use an ammonia-free option (we like Windex® Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner).

5 ways to protect your mirror

  1. Avoid cleaners with ammonia or vinegar since they can corrode the edges of the mirror.

  2. Never use abrasive cleaners.

  3. Spray cleaners onto a cloth, not directly onto the mirror.

  4. Hang mirrors a few inches above counters and vanities to prevent damage from puddling water.

  5. Keep your bathroom well ventilated.